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  • Roman British stone head has been found on Mirfield Moor?

    By pmadmin
    In Secret Mirfield
    Nov 13th, 2015

    Roman British stone head has been found on Mirfield Moor? Land at Slipper Lane Mirfield Moor West Yorkshire Archaeological Evaluation

    With my research of Mirfield Moor ” Mirfield 25 ” i stumbled across the Archaeological Evaluation Report produced by Cotswold Archaeology and found some very interesting finds? one of which see below.

    Please read this statement taken from the Archaeological Evaluation Page 4-1.6

    prehistoric or Romano-British Janiform stone head has been found to the east of the site, suggesting that there may have been a shrine or other contemporary site nearby (HER 6849). The stone head, published in ‘Celtic and Other Stone Heads’ by S Jackson (1973), was found in a stone wall near a well or spring on Mirfield Moor in 1966, although the exact location of the find and its current whereabouts are unknown. The Archaeologist only investigated 4% of the field which is to be developed soon leaving 96% un-investigated?

    It has also been said that the Romans who built forts at both Meltham, and Kirklees, and several roads in the area. One of these roads is reputed to have run from the fort at Kirklees through Nunbrook, Lee Green and Northorpe towards Heckmondwike. If this was the case, it is likely that Northorpe Lane formed part of the route and, indeed, old paving flags alongside the road next to the Hall may even have been of Roman origin.

    Roman History for Mirfield?

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