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  • Friendly word or warning if you use Steanard Lane Mirfield

    By pmadmin
    In Climate Change
    Nov 17th, 2016

    Please take extra care on Steanard Lane in the winter months especially in ice conditions/ and storms snow/rain.

    “Safety dilapidation note” The problems on Steanard  Lane, are now quickly getting worse, and have now become high risk to the public, Ie; road users, and foot traffic. The main issues are the old concrete post’s which are now corroding and re-bar protruding from the post, in turn, weakening the integrity for which the post was originally designed for. Also, parts of the fencing/ Barrier are missing.














    A form of a scaffolding tube has been used for several repairs throughout the fencing/ Barrier, which do not comply with highway specifications. in several areas along Steanard lane, there is less than a meter between the fencing/ Barrier, and the River Calder, some of the scaffolding repairs have taken place at these points. most of the repairs are very poor/ and have not been reinstated with resin, or cement. It would not take much force to break through these areas let alone a car or farm vertical ext. Also, the scaffolding tubing would form more danger to road users if impact accrued.












    The barrier which is located at the junction of Sands lane is too short in length/ and has not been installed correctly to highways specification, most traffic at speed would ride over the barrier/ and plunge into the River Calder.












    When river levels are high the river will submerge Steanard lane first before over areas along the river footprint of Mirfield. Boxing day 2015 the water reach over 1-meter deep above the road level at these points/ it only takes 400mm of water to float a car/ and the protection which is in place “fencing/ Barrier” would not stop a car from entering the main river flow.















    By; S Benson 17th November 2016

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