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  • What flood defenses are coming to Mirfield and Ravensthorpe , nearly two years on from the floods on Boxing day 2015 Full report from Kirklees

    By pmadmin
    In Climate Change
    Sep 16th, 2017


        SUMMARY RECOMMENDATIONS     Download full report

    Flood risk in Mirfield can be reduced through increased awareness and better preparedness in advance of a flood

    incident and by considering the following:

    􀅶 Be aware of the 5 day flood risk and weather forecast by visiting https://flood-warninginformation.

    service.gov.uk/5-day-flood-risk and be aware of the river and sea levels by visiting https://floodwarning-

    information.service.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels. These levels can help you understand your flood risk now

    and in the next few days.

    􀅶 Check your flood risk – Use the Environment Agency maps to find out if you are at risk from flooding


    􀅶 Sign up to receive free flood warnings. To sign up either telephone: 0345 988 1188 or visit:


    􀅶 Do something to be prepared. Start with a quick personal flood plan and find out what the different flood warnings

    mean by visiting https://www.gov.uk/floodsdestroy

    􀅶 Advice for people who’ve been flooded is available at: https://www.gov.uk/prepare-for-a-flood

    If you require specific advice on flood risk please contact the Council’s Flood Management team on 01484 221000

    and ask for “Drainage” or via email at floodmanagement@kirklees.gov.uk

    My response to Kirklees-WSP Mirfield, and Ravensthorpe

    The report talks about the value of properties, and it is currently not economically, viable to commission flood defenses in Mirfield and Ravensthorpe. I really find this very hard to believe, and worrying, Kirklees nor WSP consultants have considered the loss of human life within their report. With the outcome of WSP report, I would have expected advice, and risk assessments with response times form the authorities to protect the public from coming into contact with the River Calder when in flood. The high-risk areas the report as not considered Installation of the bullet point below which in real terms would not cost a lot of money but will save lives.
    • Flood warning signage
    • Flood marker poles indicating the depth of water
    However your recommendation Flood risk in Mirfield can be reduced through increased awareness and better preparedness in advance of a flood, by no definition does this stop flooding, or stop the risk of flooding in fact with climate change, and the none sustainable amount of proposed development for Mirfield, and upstream of Mirfield which will increase flooding putting more pressure on the affected properties, and the possibility of increasing the number of properties at risk. My interpretation of the rest of your recommendations is as follows that people and the properties they own must live in constant danger of fluvial river flooding and protect their own properties which in some instance will put them in danger.
    Further to the above the person or persons who instigated, and pasted this report for publication should be asking for their money back from consultants, and considering the facts above, and resign their post.

    By; S Benson



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