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  • REVO this must be the oldest street light in Mirfield

    By pmadmin
    In pleasant Clear Mirfield History
    Feb 17th, 2018

    In the 1950s and 1960s, REVO competed with the GEC and AEI, providing columns, brackets and lanterns, many of which can still be seen on the UK’s roads today.

    They were one of the industrial brutes of 1960s Britain, producing all manner of electrical goods, from fans through to ovens, and of course, street lights. Their Tipton based works were vast and could be said to straddle county borders.

    REVO’s range of ornate brackets and lanterns were arguably the best in the business and they produced a large range of municipal fixtures for standard lighting.

    They were also one of the more flexible companies, allowing lighting engineers to design custom REVO lanterns for their own cities. Birmingham relished having their own custom lighting; whilst lanterns, brackets and columns were produced for London, Eastbourne, Cambridge and others.

    The company first rose to prominence in the 1930s but their founding is obscure. Apparently, the company started off as Cable And Accessory, founded by Frederick Reeves, who was in partnership with Vaughan of VONO. Perhaps he renamed his own company REVO to emphasize the link. Other sources suggested that the company’s name was linked with the instructions found over the companies’ doorways: “Reeves Only, No Other” and “Vaughan Only, No Other”. Further, the company was probably linked with Hardy And Padmore who probably produced some of the cast-iron brackets and columns for the company.

    In a 1960s advert, REVO mentioned their pride of 50 years of electrical achievement, suggesting the firm was founded in 1910.

    This must be the oldest street lamp in Mirfield

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