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    By pmadmin
    Dec 22nd, 2014

    These are the key documents you need to consider when opposing planning permission:

    This is the key document to look at. This document is 65 pages long and sets out the government’s planning policies for England. The Framework is intended to make the planning system less complex easier to understand. It vastly reduced the number of policy pages councils had to consult on planning.

    It provides guidance for local planning authorities and decision-takers, both in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications.

    If the local planning committee (Heavy Woollen) find any conflicts between the guidance in here and the guidance in the Unitary Development Plan – this document overrides all other documents. Therefore this it the first place you need to start (as a team) to look at if there are any angles you can oppose on. Drainage, type of brick, roads, height of housing, Wildlife,   other problem areas likely to impact you)

    National Planning Policy Framework ( NPPF )

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