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  • Star Trek Event in mid July “The Mirfield Arts Festival” Only at Mirfield

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    May 25th, 2017

     By; Jenny Tomlinson Walsh

    Just some information about what will be happening in Mirfield July so you can prepare!

    The Festival weekend is an event with 12 venues running over 3 days from Friday evening 14th July – Sunday evening 16th July. The 2017 theme is ‘Mirfield takes Flight’ and will include anything that flies- Birds, space ships, super heroes, butterflies, moths, flights of imagination & weekend of Star Trek events. ½ the Festival will celebrate THE ARTS: in all forms showcasing local talent – Over 12 venues you’ll find sculpture, arts, printmaking, music, singing, drama, photography, poetry, literature, dance, comedy, film, cabaret, carnival, martial arts, craft work, Antique Road Show & collectables.

    The other ½ of the Festival celebrate Star Trek & Sir Patrick Stewart O.B.E. as our ‘Home Town Boy’ with 3 days of events

    Friday evening 14th July 2017 Star Trek film The First Contact showing in St Pauls

    Saturday 15th July @ St Pauls is planned to be Star Trek Family Day with activities

    • Meet Trekyards – international Star Trek You Tube hosts
    • Have your photo taken sitting in Capt Jean Luc Picard’s Chair on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise
    • The Leeds / Bradford Starfleet will test your Star Trek Knowledge and encourage you to take your Star Fleet Cadets qualifications.
    • You can view the exhibition of original Star Trek costumes
    • Browse the dealers’ fair
    • Take a welcome break at the Enterprise cafe.
    • 30 Cabaret Evening

    In addition, all the time, outside St Pauls there will be Festival activities and happenings.

    Sunday 16th July @ St Pauls as well as everything already mentioned there will be Talks for Trekkies – discussions about Star Ship design, with technical information from the website hosts –Trekyards and Star Trek Committee The Festival theme is not just limited to Star Trek – all other forms of space travel & flight are included. Venues will have creative sessions making space ships, flights of imagination and fantasy are definitely encouraged. There will even be a Skyfall experience where people can actually fly!!! The highlight of the Festival will be the Callaloo Arts Carnival Parade which will leave the library at 14.00pm and arrive at St Pauls at 15.00 – an event not to be missed! There will be flying creatures of every sort + a samba band + music + professional carnival performers + 500 Mirfield children who will be dressed to impress!! This is an over view of what’s planned – I’m trying to excite you, not bore you with too many details. The weekend will be fun, lively and all inclusive – with children and superheroes especially welcome! CALLING ALL CHILDREN 0 -100 (the young and young at heart) Come to the Mirfield Festival ‘dressed to impress’ as anything that flies –superhero, fairy, angel, Wonder Woman, Trekkie, butterfly, space traveller and join in the fun. If you’ve got your ‘flying kit’ on – go to the library take your library card, and get a ticket for a FREE session @ SKYFALL and find out that yes, people can really fly, even if its only  in imagination!!! Be aware when the free tickets are gone, they’re gone. The tickets will be available @ The Library on Festival Saturday morning and Festival Sunday morning – please do not go to SKYFALL before you’ve collected your ticket from the Library WATCH OUT FOR MORE FESTIVAL INFORMATION COMING YOUR WAY. FESTIVAL POSTERS, FLYERS & BROCHURES WILL BE AVAILABLE – JUST PICK UP A BROCHURE AND PLAN YOUR VISIT



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