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    By pmadmin
    Dec 4th, 2014

    Signed up Members of project Mirfield all objecting to the over development of Mirfield if you wish to become a member please email admin@projectmirfield.co.uk we will not add your name to the list unless you give us permission to do so, we also have 182 none listed members all Shaping the future of Mirfield.

    G Denton
    J Sinclair
    B Gibbs and J M Gibbs
    J Hargreaves
    P A Reynolds
    Anne Hill
    Harry Overend
    Philip Genton
    Thomas Allatt
    Lucy Sinclair
    Kirsten Dawson and Andy Dawson
    A A Falkingham and W B Falkingham
    M Townend
    J Sinclair
    L A Reynolds
    R Wilson
    M Pratt
    Paul Hill
    E Ramsy
    M Wilcock
    R Wainwright
    Natalie Bruce
    B Gordon
    B Sheard and F Sheard
    Marjorie Bruce
    Brian Hardwick
    M Hickling
    M Andrews
    D C Beattie
    S Oliver
    G Spencer
    D Muller
    R Clayton
    M Lyons
    Brian Mallinson
    V Clayton
    R Powley
    M Ikin
    C Pinder
    E Crowther
    L J Mountain
    Sarah Riding
    J Ward
    D Whi
    P Cammisly
    Lee Spicer
    J E Speight
    J Hesketh
    P Ingham
    J M Wood
    Christine Wood
    Mathew Smith
    Gavin Smith
    A Swailes
    L Johnston
    A Hopkins
    P Masser
    G M Telford
    J V Tinker
    M R Tinker
    Mr & Mrs Foreman
    P A Atkinson
    G J Coate
    P Winfield
    C Sheard
    K Griffiths
    T Rock
    J Hesketh
    G Nind and D Nind
    A Jackson
    K Rowlands
    G Cowgill
    P Atkin
    G Ingham
    R Conley
    M Jones
    Luke Scott
    Stuart Peace
    Tim Conolly
    Kath Shaw
    D Townhill
    A Dickens
    E Garside
    J Garside
    K Hastow
    A J Crawshaw
    B Medley
    M Scaife
    G Nagle
    R T Lawrence
    S Class
    P Wood
    M C Sandwith
    John Adams
    Julie Bruce
    Kerry Holland
    Helen Scateland
    A Lockwood
    J Millman
    Aamirah Gulsiyam
    I Harris
    J Farman
    J Flower
    Jamie Duggon
    B Wilson
    Angie Hanson
    N Mohmed
    Elisha Sykes
    Charlotte Oakes
    Jemma Bould
    J Koslaji
    Pauline Dawson
    John Atkinson
    Lesley Asquith
    Adam Whiteley
    Laim Atkinson
    Christine Knight
    R Horme
    C Auty
    Patricia Sheard
    G Hutt
    Lee Fearnlet
    Jayne Barker
    M Davison
    R Davison
    C Lobster
    Janet Sowden
    C Vine
    C Gee
    Avril Loosley
    Carole Robinson
    Lyam Moor
    H Hickinhbottom
    Ian Carter
    Garry Wood
    Anne Heeley
    Chris Wilson
    Julie Chandler
    Jenny Avison
    Jean Sharp
    Jackie Whitehead
    K Stead
    K Harvey
    J B Harris
    P Jaggar
    F W Wiley
    Jane Carden
    K Hall
    A McNeill
    E Houghton
    Graham Riding
    Alex Walker
    Elizabeth Robinson
    Gill Virr
    George Hudson
    Stephanie Hudson
    B Kellett
    J Watson
    A Smith
    I Bradford
    P Terry
    A Marsden
    J Flooks
    S Speak
    C Smith
    D Roberts
    P Halest
    L Ra;ph
    A Harrison
    J Roberts
    Alison Brown
    Andrew Clough
    Lynn Dews
    Barry Dews
    S Benson
    D Scholes
    M Fox
    W Ledwidge
    M Swanall
    H Senior
    K Senior
    J Ackroyd
    G S Coombs
    K Pryce and Peter Pryce
    D Butall
    T Zaman
    J Walshaw
    D Kay
    H Howieson
    Omar Mayes
    Cathy Miskell
    A Lewer
    Gareth Thompson
    Rachel Lockwood
    Christina Allsopp
    Katie Townend
    Julie Heslop
    Mary M Armitage
    Michael Aldred
    Anthony Armitage
    Jill Cellar
    Julian Bruce
    Adrian Bruce
    Natasha Aldred
    Emma Rawlinson
    Leanna Sheard
    J Jussain
    M Redford
    Lynn Schofield
    D Ellis
    Laura Peel
    Peter Beaumont
    Mrs J Smith
    Mr D Bland
    J N Brown
    PM Senior
    J Oates
    E Leigh
    N Stokes
    C Lee
    J McGovern
    M Coombs
    J Clarke
    M Thornton
    P MacDonald
    J Waring
    A Brown
    Peter Morgan
    Sue Driffield
    Lucy Sowden
    M Preen
    B Preen
    M Ibbertson
    Mr Newton
    J Wainwright
    M Jones
    A Gledhill
    J Whincup
    Stacy Gabbmas
    Rob Fawcett
    A Lee
    Donna Miles
    James Audsley
    Sarah Wilson
    S Benson
    D Benson
    Bohanne Justine
    Brooke Sarah
    Bruce Natalie
    Denton Pauline
    Hinchcliffe Anne
    Hinchcliffe Ian
    Holdsworth David
    Hopkin Tina
    Hutton David/Barbara
    King Bob
    Meskimmon Andrew
    Poingdestre Joan
    Rayner Linda
    Taylor Keith
    Taylor Sharron
    Vercammen Steven
    D   Scholes
     D Halmshaw



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