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  • Helping to reduce flooding in your local community doing “something” is better than doing nothing?

    By pmadmin
    In Flooding in Mirfield
    Nov 20th, 2016

    Water butts come in all different sizes this one on the video holds 100lt of water, the idea is hours after the rain has stopped release the water from the butt ” which has been used to attenuate water when raining”and continue this process throughout the winter months. Ok,/ yes we do pay water rates to Yorkshire water for our service, but the storms have become more prolonged, and intense over the last couple of years, for now, it’s about managing storm water, and doing what we can to help our community.

    Please view video below —

    For more information on how to reduce flooding please email; steve@projectmirfield.co.uk

    By: S Benson 20th November 2016

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