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  • The end for Westfield house/ and the surrounding land?

    By pmadmin
    In Climate Change
    Feb 12th, 2017

    Application No 2016/62/91486/E
    Westfield Assessment Centre 13, Westfield Road Mirfield WF14 SPW
    Erection of 22 dwellings

    Objection, and comments for the above Application.

    With all the below I would like you to consider a refusal or an extension of the public consultation period for myself, MTC and the public to view the missing relevant information which should be provided with-in this Application.

    Very important information in this Application is missing, the applicant has proved that the surface water run-off cannot be achieved by means of soak-aways.

    Please note: item A
    EP Geotechnical & geoenvironmental site investigation page 23 – 7.8 Surface water drainage.

    The tests were monitored for between 4 and 5.25 hours each. The water levels in all of the pits rose and did not soak away. Based on this, soakaways are not expected to be viable.

    Q. How can I make an educated assessment? Or Objection if the Surface water drainage run off for this site, is not with-in this application?
    However, this is a brownfield site which was built out many-years-ago
    under the old spec for drainage and does not comply to sewers for adoption September 2013, and the same can be said to NPPF PAGE 24: -99 – 100.
    I would have expected to see the following calculations which will comply with sewers for adoption September 2013, to NPPF PAGE 24: -99 – 100.
    Qbar Discharge from site 5.87 l/s
    1 in 30-year surface water storage estimated 210 m3 to be retained with on-site drainage
    1 in 100 years plus climate change surface water storage estimated 335m3 attenuation.


    Before any decision is agreed to connect into or “continue” any existing connection to Town gate culvert keeps in mind the following. Riparian water rights for the property owners downstream of the proposed site.
    The water cannot be transferred out of the watershed without due consideration as to the rights of the downstream riparian landowners.

    Riparian rights also depend upon reasonable use as it relates to other riparian owners to ensure that the rights of one riparian owner are weighted fairly and equitably with the rights of adjacent riparian owners.

    The projections for the UK in relation to climate change are that the UK will experience more frequent short duration, high-intensity rainfall and more frequent periods of long-duration rainfall of the type that has been responsible for the large flood events recently experienced in the UK.

    Just around the corner from this proposed site at “Towngate” an area which cannot cope with medium rainfall please note the photo below which will highlight the problem.

    Yorkshire Public combined sewers
    I do not have any information on locations size nor capacities? Would it be prudent to wait for YW proposal on the existing Public combined sewers?

    Has to the ground investigations BH and TP most of the site is encapsulated with clay making groundworks hard going, and will create problems controlling water as construction starts, and progresses there is no strategy plan in place to prevent existing boundary properties from suffering from construction site flooding created by their actions.

    On several areas of the site, recorded elevated levels of concentrated land lead, and arsenic, mercury.
    EP Risk assessment to Human health to construction worker have suggested means of protection as the development builds out prompting a short duration of contamination is deemed low.

    However long term contamination as not been “assessed” to local boundary existing residents, the mitigation suggested leaving the contaminated material on-site and capping it with 600mm of inert material.
    Again this action could create cross contamination of the water course and may find its way into the food chain by leaching to boundary properties by means of ground water. Please note EP Geotechnical & geoenvironmental site investigation page 23 – 7.8 Surface water drainage.
    Also, please not if land drainage is used and connects to the public sewer then remember treatment works will only remove bacteria, pathogens NOT poison?

    Historically cul-de-sac developments create a bone of contention with the local residents.
    Development plan: at the start of all developments school routes “footpath” are blocked by site trades parking their work vehicles off site until an on-site car park is provided but throughout the build, these on-site car parks prove to be too small?
    Also, you should consider the exit build “which is the last plots to build” were will the onsite parking be placed at this point this area is the main school route for cars and foot traffic?


    By; S Benson

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