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  • seriously the truth I urge resident to object/ and speak out to stop the use of S-U-D-S soak-aways if they are part of any new development, in Mirfield.

    By pmadmin
    In Bellway Homes
    Aug 31st, 2017

    Neither Yorkshire Water nor Kirklees Council currently adopts SUDS features from properties?

    There are three common types, and reasons why pluvial flooding happens:

    • Water flows out into streets and nearby Properties because the network is full to capacity
    • Run-off from hard standings/ such as / Roads/lanes/drives where the gullies cannot cope with the heavy rainfall.
    • Run-off or flowing water from rain falling on hillsides-slops that are unable to absorb the water

    However, I believe the above two out of the three type of pluvial flooding are created by pore long overdue investment in our Yorkshire water sewer network, and Kirklees drainage networks, which leads to new development restrictions, and inappropriate designs, and the use of S-U-D-S Bigger larger soak-aways than ever before located in none sustainable areas.

    Statement from> Page 31 Kirklees Surface Water Management Plan

    Local communities in understanding more clearly the size and nature of the flood risk in their areas, residents, and businesses in understanding more clearly the size and nature of the flood risk to their land and property and to give them the tools and knowledge to mitigate the risk. The local resident which own properties on the boundary, and downstream of any new development must start asking for the tools to prevent or mitigate the dangerous surface water sustainable urban drainage system design from going ahead.

    We all must work very hard to stop S-U-D-S from creating more flooding/ and contaminating our ground water.


    For more information please contact me on steve@projectmirfield.co.uk and copy in stee64@hotmail.com


    S Benson

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