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  • Bellway homes site investigation will cost them a fortune if they gain planning permission ” Or will they sell it on to another developer? not a great margin for profit on 61 plots

    By pmadmin
    In Bellway Homes
    Dec 17th, 2017

    Some of the new plots which fall within this application are directly sited above shallow coal working at 9m to 14m deep? the workings were worked from 1840-1860 and some after these dates.Shallow coal mining is defined as lying at a depth of up to 10 x the thickness of coal seam extraction down to a maximum depth of 30 metres Shallow workings do not have sufficient overlying strata, therefore, any movement has the potential to reach the surface and cause damage; approx 50% of the accepted surface hazards are related to shallow workings, both recorded and unrecorded.

    This and much more will go to the planning officer next week






    S Benson

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