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  • Balderstone Hall Field, field off Hepworth Lane The site is identified as Provisional Open Land

    By pmadmin
    Dec 10th, 2014

    The site is identified within the Kirklees Unitary Development Plan as Provisional Open Land

    Policy BE1

    All development should be of good quality design such
    that it contributes to a built environment which:
    i) Creates or retains a sense of local identity
    ii) Is visually attractive
    iii) Promotes safety, including crime prevention and
    reduction of hazards to highway users.
    iv) Promotes a healthy environment, including space
    and landscaping about buildings and avoidance of
    exposure to excessive noise or pollution
    v) Is energy efficient in terms of building design and
    orientation and conducive to energy efficient modes of
    travel, in particular walking, cycling and use of public

    Policy BE12

    New dwellings should be designed to provide privacy
    and open space for their occupants, and physical
    separation from adjacent property and land. The
    minimum acceptable distances will normally be:
    i) 21.0m between a habitable room window of a
    dwelling and a habitable room of a facing dwelling
    ii) 12.0m between a habitable room window of a
    dwelling and a blank wall or a wall containing the
    window of a non-habitable room.
    iii) 10.5m between a habitable room window of
    a dwelling and the boundary of any adjacent
    undeveloped land; and
    iv) 1.5m between any wall of a new dwelling and the
    boundary of any adjacent land (other than a highway).
    Distances less than these will be acceptable if it can
    be shown that, by reason of permanent screening,
    changes in level, or innovative design, no detriment
    would be caused to existing or future occupiers of
    the dwellings or any adjacent premises or potential
    development land which may be affected.

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